Why They Pull Away – And How to Have Them Want to Stay (a Wisdom Sessions Training)

Looking for love can feel incredibly vulnerable. 

You put yourself out there – hoping, wishing, and praying that they will feel the same. 

But then… they pull away. (And it’s not the first time this has happened to you.)

It’s crushing. And disheartening. 

“Why does this keep happening?”

You know your heart is in the right place. You would be such an amazing partner. 

But this pattern keeps repeating itself – and you’re starting to wonder if maybe it’s something you’re doing that’s pushing them away?

In this “Wisdom Sessions” training, I interview my mentor Gigi Sage about why people pull away in dating & relationships – and how to have them want to stay.

You Will Learn… 

  • The part you play in the “pull away” dynamic – and how to instantly turn it around 
  • What to say in your first 3 dates (and what NOT to do) – to set the tone for a long-lasting connection
  • How to communicate what you want without creating conflict (or scaring them away)
  • How to be whole and complete within yourself… while still being open to love
  • Real-life stories of people who have successfully applied these principles – so you don’t just learn the theory, but understand how to apply it 

It’s normally a 5-figure investment to work with Gigi and be guided through this process.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to listen in to an intimate conversation where Gigi reveals her proven teachings from 36-years of relationship coaching. 

These lessons and skills changed my experience of dating and helped me call in my soul mate – and I am so excited to share them with you!


What’s Included: 

  • An in-depth audio training with Gigi Sage
  • The full transcript (so you can read and review what you’ve learned!)

... all for just $29.99!

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Why They Pull Away – And How to Have Them Want to Stay (Audio + Transcript)

Learn the reason people pull away in dating & relationships, and how to break free of this frustrating pattern for good.

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