How to Raise Confident Kids

Kids today are faced with incredible challenges to their confidence and mental health from a young age...

Social media, unsupervised time on technology, and growing up in the information age means kids are being met with unrealistic standards + comparisons – and they’re more tapped into the world’s issues than any generation before.  

Kids today are more likely to struggle with making quality friendships and report loneliness (as social media has them always connected, but not really connected), and they experience higher levels of stress than any of us faced in our upbringing.

The demand on kids in today’s world is HIGH.

Raising kids who are confident, grounded, + resilient in this climate is no easy task! 

(But it IS possible! And you're in the right place...)

What you want more than anything is for your kids to be happy + FREE:

  • To love themselves and feel a sense of inner confidence no one + nothing can shake.
  • To have a strong, internally-felt direction of who they are + what they want in life. 
  • To have great friends + grow up with quality relationships that last. 
  • To stay connected with their family, and come home to find grounding when they need it. 
  • To be resilient – so that when they do face challenges, they bounce back easily. 

As a parent, it’s nearly impossible to understand what your kids are facing and experiencing in their social lives, their online lives, everything they’re exposed to at school, and the things they hear in adult conversations on a daily basis. 

It’s tempting to want to shield your kids from everything. To keep them off social media, homeschool them, + thoroughly vet anyone who comes into their lives.

But protecting your kids from everything isn’t the answer.

Sheltering them won’t prepare them for life! 

Instead, you have to become their guide in developing a strong sense of INNER confidence. (The kind that can’t be taken away by any outside force.) 

How To Raise Confident Kids is your guide to helping your kids build this deep confidence.

In this program, you’ll discover how to… 

  • Tune into who your child really is – their natural gifts, talents, and passions – and turn those into fuel for a deep sense of confidence. 
  • Give your kids structure in which to explore, make mistakes, and build resilience.
  • Empower your kids with choices, but also give them clear boundaries… so they have discipline and drive. 
  • Create a relationship of trust with your child, so they are willing to + actually interested in listening to your guidance.
  • Put together the foundation of a family system that creates both accountability and freedom. 

Kids become confident kids by being led back over and over again to themselves.

In a world where outside forces are always telling children who they "should" be, how they "should" look, and what they "should" do – YOU have the opportunity to help drown out the noise.

With the right tools + systems, you can help your kids build a foundation of confidence that will stay with them through the many ups and downs of life. 

With this parenting approach, you can feel confident when your kids go out to school, to a playdate, and off to college that they have a level head on their shoulders. That they know how to make good choices + bounce back from challenges and failures. 

That's what this program is all about!

What’s Included: 

  • Six training audios with step-by-step lessons for growing confident kids 
  • Worksheets, printable reminders, + actionable exercise to apply right away

... all for just $39.97!

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6 Modules

Module 1: Introduction to How to Raise Confident Kids

Dive in with some background on the foundation you need to grow kids who are confident from the inside out, and why this is so important.

Module 2: Looking for the Lights + Noticing Your Impact

It’s time to start putting concepts into practice! In this module you’ll learn to begin noticing the impact you have on your kids, when you’re putting their lights out, and what lights them up in the first place.

Module 3: Following The Lights + The Interest

Now that you’re noticing when your child lights up, you can begin to encourage and explore more of those avenues. This is the process of guiding your child to become the person they were meant to be.

Module 4: Your Desires for your Child

What if there’s something you really want for your children? What if your child starts an activity and immediately gets bored of it? This audio is all about expectations, how to create a relationship of trust with your kids (so they come to you for input and advice), and what to do if there’s a power struggle around this topic.

Module 5: Giving Kids An Outlet + Space To Explore

Now that you know what lights your kids up, what do you do with this information? This audio will get your wheels spinning in terms of ideas for projects, opportunities, and spaces for exploration. We’ll also show you how to keep your child motivated with a new hobby or project.

Module 6: Structures That Keep Lights Turned On

In this module, we’ll teach you the specific process for setting up structure + boundaries around your new projects and ideas. This process will allow you to create clear agreements with your children, which will build up their sense of discipline + accountability, as well as help them build confidence in their own abilities. 

Modules for this product 6
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