ARCHITECT: Arranger + Wealth

If you took the World Changer Quiz (formerly the Compass Quiz) and you are an ARCHITECT – ARRANGER motivated by WEALTH, this is the report for you! 

Get your full World Changer Extended Report to Discover…

  • How to apply your #1 talent to get better results in your career or business
  • How to use your motivator to stay inspired . . . even when the going gets tough!
  • Your secondary motivator – which plays an important supporting role in your career
  • The “downside” of your talent (how you show up when you’re NOT in alignment with your gifts) 
  • How to recognize the gifts of the people around you & create your “Winning Team”
  • Mantras & simple reminders to help you stay connected to your superpowers
  • How to step up as a leader – and bring out the best in your clients, loved ones & teams

… and much more!

Your Extended Report Bundle Includes:

  • A deep dive into YOUR unique World Changer profile (formerly your Compass Key)
  • An audio interview with Gigi Sage on How to Make the Most of Your Results
  • Descriptions of all 3 Talents – so you can discover your secondary talent and begin to recognize the gifts of the others in your personal & professional life
  • Descriptions of all 3 Motivators (understand what inspires the people around you to succeed!)
  • A BONUS audio on How to Bring out the Best in People & Create Your 'Winning Team'

… All for just $19.97!

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2 Modules

Unlocking Your Superpowers

Ready to unlock your superpowers? This is where you get access to your extended World Changer Quiz Report as well as an exclusive audio interview with Gigi Sage (co-creator of the World Changer Quiz) on How to Make the Most of Your Results

Becoming a Leader

Want to find out your secondary talent + the talents and motivators of the people around you? This is where you get access to descriptions of all 3 Talents and the 3 Motivators, as well as a BONUS audio on How to Bring out the Best in People & Create Your Winning Team.

Modules for this product 2
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