(FREE!) Self-Express For Success Video Series

Tired of posting on social media – and not getting any clients?

Ready to STAND OUT online and magnetically attract your tribe?

You're in the right place!

My name is Makena Sage, and before I became a coach and trainer, I spent 6 years helping other top speakers, authors, experts & coaches earn MILLIONS with their message through authentic copy and marketing strategies. 

I loved my work – but something was missing… 

I saw some people having huge success online, while others (who were equally brilliant) were struggling. 

And frankly, though I made great money in that first business, I wasn’t happy!

I felt tired and exhausted much of the time. 

Why? Because I wasn’t fully self-expressed. 

When I finally got the courage to make the leap into my true soul’s work – and share my unique gifts & message with the world – everything changed. 

I went from a 6-figure business to multiple 6 figures… and I’m SO much happier & more fulfilled!

In this FREE video series I’m going to share some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned along the way, to help YOU: 

  • Break free of comparison (because you're crystal clear on YOUR unique gifts & message)
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by online marketing… and choose the ONE platform where you'll get the best results
  • Discover your Magnetic Blueprint – the key to STANDING OUT online
  • Create content that is *irresistible* to your ideal clients – so you can book more enrollment calls and close more sales!

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3 Modules

Video #1: Turn Down The Noise

Do you find yourself getting stuck in self-doubt & comparison? Or feeling overwhelmed by all the different marketing strategies – and you don’t know what to focus on? That’s all about to change!

Video #2: Turn Up Your Self-Expression

Does online marketing drain your energy? Or maybe you’re avoiding it altogether because it just feels so overwhelming? In this video, you’ll tap into the unique kinds of self-expression that bring you ALIVE – and choose ONE platform to truly master. 

Video #3: Attract Your Tribe

Do you ever feel stuck when it comes to creating content? Or maybe you’re posting a lot on social media, but you’re not getting the engagement or sales you were hoping for? In this video, you’ll learn to create content that’s irresistible to your ideal clients!

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